How to build a cornhole set

Build your cornhole boards!

How to make corn hole boards

We will teach you how to make cornhole boards with your own hands. In this article, you will find corn hole dimensions and cornhole board plans.

How to paint cornhole boards

painting cornhole boards

Here, you can learn everything about painting cornhole boards. You will also be able to see different variants of cornhole board designs.

Ideas about Cornhole Board Designs

Cornhole Board IdeasIf you want a cool cornhole board, consider Cornhole board designs that are unorthodox, or in layman’s terms, outside-of-the-box. These unique designs will really provide a unique character to your cornhole board, and on a simpler level, make it much more aesthetically appealing.. Different designs are extremely cool to implement and are ideal for spicing things up. You can even get designs that overlayed with super heroes​ or popular culture figures. This not​ only makes the game more fun, but it allows you to express your interests and share your passions with whomever you choose to play the game with.

Why set up this site

This website was created for you to be able to build a corn hole set with your own hands and to make your loved ones happy. We have prepared convenient instructions with pictures for you. You will understand that in order to make a cornhole board or corn hole bean bags, it is not necessary to have solid skills of a carpenter or a tailor. You can easily cope with this task by yourself.

You will need:

  • Free time
  • Dimensions
  • Suppiles
  • Tools
  • And of course – our instructions!

Do not be upset if something didn’t work out at the first time. From the second time, everything will be great for sure!

Our articles are absolutely free, but if you would like to please us, send photos of your cornhole boards and corn hole bags made with your own hands to e-mail [email protected]. In the future, we will create a gallery section where we will place photos of your cornhole designs. Maybe we will also have some contests with prizes!

What is cornhole game?

cornholeCornhole is a fun and friendly family game which has grown out of the Mid-West and spread to most parts of the United States. Its origins are argued and may possibly reach back as far as 14th century Germany. It was certainly popular in Kentucky during the 19th century and has more recently spread to NFL fans across the country through a variation known as “tailgate toss” introduced by the supporters of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It is a simple, harmless game that requires some skill and practice to play well. In a nutshell, a hand sized bag of corn is tossed at distance of thirty feet towards a hole which is cut in a shallow angled board set up on the ground. Points are scored for bags that disappear down the hole or stay on the board surface. It embraces all ages and levels of athlete and can be played potentially anywhere with enough room. The official laws and dimensions of Cornhole boards are set out by the American Cornhole Organization.