Corn hole game

Cornhole, also known as corn toss, bags, bag toss, bean toss, etc. is a simple and fun game to play. Are you searching for a game to play at your next tailgate, or beach, or barbecue party? Then, Cornhole is always the best game to make you and your friend have great competition and great fun. Recently, the game is experiencing explosive growth in America. Four or two players can play the game, either two teams of two or one-on-one team. During the play, the players take turns to throw a bag filled with corn toward cornhole board, aiming to either get the bag in the hole or land the bag on the board.

Here we have provided something helpful for you on how to play cornhole. You will learn how to set the game properly, how to keep score, as well pick up several playing tips and the most common terminology used in this game.

Cornhole Distance

Professional distance - 27ft
Amateur distance - 24ft
Junior/Wheelchair distance - 20/21ft
Cornhole Distances

Corn Equipment and setup

You simply need the following for you to play cornhole:

The boards
You require two identical boards that measure two by four foot with a six-inch hole placed at nine inches from the top of the board. Other available cornhole boards have foldable legs in the back that create an inclined surface when opened. In addition, the playing surface of each board should be raised four inches from the ground on the front side and twelve inches from the back side.
>> How to make corn hole boards

You need eight bean bags in which, four of them have one color, and the rest have another color. Also, the colors should be easily distinguishable from each other. Each bag should weigh between fifteen to sixteen ounces and measure six inches by six inches. It is also important to buy durable bags that can survive for long to repeated storage and use. For this reason, it is advisable to get weather resistance bags such as the plastic pellets.
>> How to make cornhole bags

To set up the game, you need to find a nice flat place on the beach or your lawn. The playing surface should be 24 feet by 48 feet. Place the boards 27 feet apart, directly facing each other. You can then choose the side you want to throw from. If you are playing a 4-player game, then, your partner’s position should be direct to you. If it is a two-player game and you begin throwing from the right side of the board, you should go to the other side and through back while on the right side of the board. Finally, pick your four bags and get ready for the game!

Cornhole rules

Who will through fast?
You can decide on who will make the first through for the first game using paper rock scissors, a coin toss or something familiar. For subsequent games, the team to throw first will be the one that scored the last point. The team that throws first has a huge advantage as it has an option to place the first in front of the hole, which make it harder for its challenger to have a big round. In addition, the clothing of each team should be distinguishable for the two teams.

Point system rules

  • You will gain three points if you make a cornhole to goes through the hole
  • If a cornhole bag land on the playing surface, you get one point
  • You will get one point for each cornhole that is hanging into the whole
  • Also, you will also be awarded one point for a cornhole bag that is suspending in the front edge but not contacting or touching the ground
  • You will get no point for a cornhole bag that is partially on the ground and partially on the playing surface
  • You will also miss any point if a cornhole is suspending in the front but is resting on a cornhole bag that is already in the round. However, you can also get a point if you manage to remove the one on the ground without the cornhole bag on the board falling.

The team that achieved the highest round score will add the difference between the two score to their previous game score. The winning team for every round will also get the honor to throw first in the consequent round. In case both teams have equal round score, there will be no change in either team’s game score, and the team that had the honors in the previous round will retain the honor.

Cornhole Fouls
If your foot goes past the foot foul mark when making a throw, then that is a foul. The foul line is usually collinear with the front of the corkboard. Your throw will be counted as void, and the bag removed whether inside the hole or on the surface.

Gameplay rule
In a two against two games, teammates will stand on the opposite playing boards. On the other hand, singles games have the two players throwing from the same side. Players from one board will alternatively throw their four bags toward the board placed on the opposite side. Each player will throw all the four bags after which they will add up the score and the players on the other board throw their cornhole bags. The game usually continues until one team reaches 21 points in total.

Cornhole playing tips

Here are a few tips for you to become a better cornhole player:

Focus on the board
You are more likely to make many errant toss if you keep focusing on getting each bag through the whole. Instead, aiming for the front of the board can increase the chance of landing most of your through into the hole.

Spinning the ball increase your chances
As you release the ball, use your finger to spin it. This will make the ball spin horizontally for it to meet the ground at a slight downward angle. This technique can increase the chances of the ball sliding into the whole.

Keep yourself relaxed
The main objective of the game is to have fun. So, try to keep relaxed as your game will suffer if you get tensed.

Commonly used terms in cornhole game

  1. Cow pie or Ace: A bag that gained one point
  2. Blocker: A on the board that prevents other bags from scoring
  3. Cornhole: A bag that have earned three points
  4. Back Door: A bag that score despite a blocker
  5. Dirty Bag: A bag that initially touched the ground before the board
  6. Double Deuce: One player achieving four cornholes in a row in one round
  7. Honors: The team that throws fist
  8. Lipper or Hanger: a bag that is hanging off in the hole
  9. Skunk: an 11-0 score cornhole game